Why should you travel to Anzali with us?

We fell in love with it, somewhere between Ladakh and the crumbling red walls of Agra.

From the purple-tinted skies of the Himalayas to the brooding hilltop forts of Mehrangarh, India can seem like a lot. Many of our clients who express an interest in India see it as the trip of a lifetime, though feel lost about where to start. Our solution? Forget booking this yourself, or running into the arms of a dispassionate operator. Our Travel Experts are genuinely (some would say obsessively) passionate about India and all it has to offer; whether that’s gasping over the mosaic Havelis of Udaipur or spotting a leopard while on safari in Rajasthan. Remember: all of our trips to India are made entirely bespoke, fitted to who you are and what you want to do. 

Key Facts

  • Population Population 1,300,000,000
  • Capital Province New Delhi
  • Language Language Hindi
  • Elevation Geography Indian Rupee
  • Elevation Elevation GMT + 5.30 | ET + 10.30
  • Area of city Area Oct - Mar

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